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Sensual Self-Care: Using Yoni Oil, Self-Pleasure, Yoni Eggs & Mediatation

Sensual What?

That's right. Self-care isn't just about having a healthy body, mind and spirit. It's also about having an active, healthy practice of self-pleasure. Yes, that delicious brownie is pleasurable af, but what about having that orgasm? What about reaching heights with your body that you haven't reached with anyone else?

It is in the practice of self-pleasure that we truly discover the edges of our boundaries... or discover that we do not have any. Most of us wombmen have been taught to hide our pleasure, our sexy-ness, our strength. Generations of mothers have repressed their sensuality and they've left us, daughters, at the beginning of a maze with our pleasure at the heart of it. 

So where do we begin? Here are a few tips to awakening that sacred feminine power. 

1. Womb Meditation

Lay in bed and make sure you are warm. Place your hands over your womb center and begin breathing in deeply. Send your breath to the lower part of your pelvic region. Just imagine that you are filling up your womb with sacred Earth energy. Allow your yoni to relax and begin opening up. Actually envision this in your mind. Allow the energy of the Earth to penetrate your yoni. Yes, PENETRATE. Feel aroused by this. You are on the right path. 

2. Womb Movement

As you awaken and infuse your womb with Earth's energy, you can incorporate pelvic movements to increase blood flow to your yoni. More blood flow = more natural lubrication. Begin to move your hips in circular motions. If you are laying down, you can get up onto fours. Move your body into cat & cow position and thrust your hips forward and back. Listen to your body and just move with what feels good to you. Thrust into the bed, rub your yoni against the soft sheets, get horny and express this!!


3. Yoni Massage

As your arousal levels increase, you may feel yourself becoming wet. Now, you'll be exploring your vulva and what feels good. There's no penetration yet. This isn't a rushed process. The longer and slower you go, the more your arousal will increase. 

Use your fingers (and some Yoni Oil if desired) to rub your mons pubis (not the clitoris). Rub yourself in circular motions, pull the skin back and forward. Just testing and seeing what is pleasurable. Feel the insides of your labias, be gentle. Does gentle and light fingertips feel good? Caress the entrance of you vagina just slightly and then bring your finger to your mouth and taste it. How do you taste? How do you smell. Allow the aroma to invigorate you. Lick your fingers and slather some saliva onto your clitoris. Gently rub it in.  Continue exploring with what feels good to you and don't worry, no one is watching or judging. You are activating your feminine power. 

4. Crystal Wand

As you become ever more aroused and ready for penetration, explore this with your fingers first. Gently use one finger to test your arousal levels. You should be wet. If you aren't then do not rush or push it. You may need more foreplay time. Once you feel your yoni dripping, use one or two fingers to begin exploring the inside. What does it feel like? Can you feel your G-spot? It should feel like a rough, circular spot on the front inside of your vaginal canal. 

Slide your fingers inside and out, slowly and continuously. Use your thumb to rub the outside of your vulva. Maybe you stay inside your warm yoni and just embrace yourself in this moment. Maybe you decide to switch positions and find a deeper entrance. Move around, thrust your hips and stay relaxed. There is no goal with this practice except to discover what feels good. 

If a crystal wand is in your practice, then use this delicious moment to tease your yoni with it. Get it wet with your juices by slowly inserting the tip of it. Slowly and continuously until you are at an enjoyable depth with it. You can use the crystal wand to press on different areas within your vaginal canal like pressure points. Feel your body release any tension. Feel your yoni infuse with pleasure. 

5. Yoni Egg Practice

Once you feel like you've reached you peak arousal state or climax, feel free to release it. If not, either continue until you do or use your yoni egg to infuse your energy with it. As long as you are still wet, allow the yoni egg to slip inside your yoni. Maximize your awareness to your yoni so that you can sense its presence. Play with it here by squeezing your yoni muscles and relaxing your pelvic region. Can you feel it moving within your vaginal canal? You can use your muscles to pop it out and swallow it back up your yoni. This is a very powerful practice and takes time, intention and awareness. Leave your egg in for the rest of the day to continue infusing your energy with it and increasing your sexual vitality. The sensual self-care continues outside of the bedroom. 

These are just a few ways to improve the relationship you have with yourself and awaken your feminine energy source. This is where creation happens. This is how we infuse passion into our lives. Do not be ashamed with yourself or judge yourself for not achieving any of this. Every practice is different and yours will look completely different than this one. This is just a perspective on how we can connect to ourselves. 

Happy Galentine's Day!


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